How to Identify a Notman Print

To determine whether or not you photograph is a genuine Notman, answer  questions (A) and (B):

(A) Is there a “Notman” signature anywhere on your print?

(B) Are any of the following studios listed on your print:

  • “W. Notman” or “William Notman”?
  • “Notman & Sandham”?
  • “Wm. Notman & Son” or “Notman & Son”?
  • “James Notman” or “J. Notman”?
  • “W. & J. Notman”?
  • “Notman & Fraser”?
  • “Fraser & Sons”?
  • “Millman & Co.”?
  • “Herbert E. Simpson”?
  • “J. S. Notman & Co.”?
  • “Notman & Campbell”?
  • “Notman Photographic Co.”?
  • “Centennial Photographic Co.”?

(C)  If you can answer yes to both of those questions, there is a strong likelihood  that your print is a Notman.

(D)  To confirm this, scan your photograph and email it to the  Notman Photographic Society for an opinion.  (Remember to include your provenance.)  Our email address is:


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