According to Notman Photographic Society Founding President:

  • The cities of Eastern Canada and New England were home to innovative industry and architecture.
  • The new urban centres boasted innovative marvels and historical structures many of which were photographed by Notman and the Notman Studios.
  • Historical images have been preserved long after the buildings themselves have crumbled.

William Notman, Collection of Lewko Hryhorijiw

Triggs noted that:

The Notman camera was also trained on the lines and bridges of the Intercolonial Railway in eastern Quebec and New Brunswick, showing the scenic beauty of the countryside through which the line passed. There is no record of whether this work was done on commission, but the photographs taken later for the Canadian Northern Railway in the Lake St. John district may have been prompted by a request from that company or from the provincial government.    (1)

Brief Photo Analysis:

The image is framed in an interesting way – the edges of the train tunnel background the train tracks so that they have a dynamic feel to them.  The mountains and river symmetrically contain the tracks which run into a vanishing perspective. This gives the photograph an effect of depth.  The viewer of this image has the feeling that they are on a train coming out of a train tunnel.

The mass of mountains in the back third of the photo impel the viewer forward into the image.  And, the small train tunnel ahead gives the viewer more forward motion.

There is not a great deal of contrast so the shapes tend to blend into each other; however, a bout halfway into the picture there is a blurred human form.  Perhaps a blurredness caused by the motion of the train upon which the view is located?


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