What is the Notman Photographic Society?


The Notman Society was founded to promote an analysis of all things related to the work of the various Notman photographic studios, both in Canada and the United States.

Participants are encouraged to express thought-provoking comments and criticisms to stimulate on-going discussion and research of this very important segment of photographic history. We will pursue discourse on the various ground-breaking aspects of photography as developed by members of the various Notman studios, from the ever-changing appreciation of portrait photography, to the development of photography as an illustrative tool in literature and business, to the rise of photography as a parallel development of socio-economic status.

The society pursues these goals by maintaining the highest standards in research and all other academic endeavours. The society serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas and information and plays a role as a leader in discourse regarding work produced by the Notman studios.

Lewko Hryhorijiw,  Founderof the Notman Photographic Society



Why not write an analysis of any of the Notman prints you see on this site, or of any other Notman prints you may own, or know about  –  and post it here?  The  William Notman Photographic Society Site Moderator will add your text and image to the  site.  Check out the Photo Analysis Challenge for some tips about writing an analysis.

Email to notman.society@gmail.com

(If you would like to view m0re Notman images go to Links)


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